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End of Innocence

So I've done with my 20s; today I've entered 30s. I'm no more 20 something, have graduated to 30 something today. Above is the cover of Time Magazine Jul 14, 1975.

Looking back it's been a strange, beautiful trip.

Incidentally I share my b'day with one of my favourite actors - Harrison Ford.

Here are some of the major events of 1975:

January 16 - Angola gains independence from Portugal
January 20 - Michael Ovitz founds Creative Artists Agency
January - Altair 8800 is released, sparking the era of the microcomputer
February 4 - The first successfully predicted earthquake occured in Haicheng, Liaoning, China
March 4 - Charlie Chaplin is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
March 9 - Construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System begins
March 25 - King Faisal of Saudi Arabia is shot and killed by a nephew with a history of mental illness - the killer is beheaded on June 18.
April 3 - Bobby Fischer refuses to play in a chess match against Anatoly Karpov, giving Karpov the title.
April 17 - Pol Pot proclaims the "Democratic Republic of Kampuchea" in Cambodia and becomes its Prime Minister (1975–1979).
April 13 - An attack by Phalangists on a Palestinian bus in Ain El Remmeneh, Lebanon sparks over 15 years of civil war.
April 30 - Vietnam War: The Vietnam War ends as Communist forces take Saigon and South Vietnam surrenders unconditionally.
May 16 - India annexes Sikkim
May 16 - Junko Tabei becomes the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest
June 5 - The Suez Canal opens for the first time since the Six-Day War
June 28 - Mozambique gains independence from Portugal
July 5 - Cape Verde gains independence after 500 years of Portuguese rule
July 6 - The Comoros declare their independence from France
July 12 - São Tomé and Príncipe declare independence from Portugal
July 17 - Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: An American Apollo and a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft dock with each other in orbit marking the first such link-up between spacecraft from the two nations July 31 - In Detroit, Michigan, Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa is reported missing. August 8 - The Banqiao Dam, in China's Henan Province, fails after a freak typhoon. Over 200,000 people perish.
August 20 - Viking program: NASA launches the Viking 1 planetary probe toward Mars
September 14 - Rembrandt's painting "The Night Watch" is slashed a dozen times at a gallery in Amsterdam.
September 5 - In Sacramento, California, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a follower of incarcerated cult leader Charles Manson, attempts to assassinate US President Gerald Ford, but is thwarted by a Secret Service agent.
September 22 - President Gerald Ford survives a second assassination attempt, this time by Sara Jane Moore
October 30 - Prince Juan Carlos becomes King of Spain after dictator Francisco Franco concedes that he is too ill to govern.
November 11 - Angola becomes independent from Portugal (a deadly civil war soon erupts)
November 14 - Spain abandons Western Sahara

Physicist Andrei Sakharov receives the Nobel Peace Prize

Music Highlights of 1975:

New albums carry four established acts to even loftier heights of popularity and respect: Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks, Chicago's Chicago VIII, John Lennon's Rock'N'Roll, and Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti.
Bruce Springsteen and his new album Born to Run.
The Wiz, a contemporary version of The Wizard of Oz, opens on Broadway.
Elton John's Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy enters the charts at number one and goes on to become his biggest all-time seller.
While on vacation, Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin, is involved in a serious auto crash that almost claims his life and those of his family.
Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood and John and Christine McVie are joined by new members Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham for the new album for Reprise Records, titled Fleetwood Mac. It would become the sleeper smash of the rock era, taking 58 weeks to reach number one on the charts.
The Captain & Tennille release their album Love Will Keep Us Together. The title song, written by Neil Sedaka, becomes the biggest hit single of the year.
The Bee Gee's album Main Course produces the number one disco-flavored "Jive Talkin'," a song that changed the whole image and sound of the group, and foreshadowed the disco explosion they would launch two years later with the album Saturday Night Fever.
On Thursday, October 9, John Lennon's 35th birthday, John and Yoko's son Sean is born.
On Saturday, October 11, Saturday Night Live premiers on NBC-TV. George Carlin is the first host, and Janis Ian and Billy Preston are the first musical guests.

Popular Movies of 1975:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Dog Day Afternoon
Hester Street
The Hindenburg
The Day of the Locust
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Barry Lyndon
Farewell, My Lovely
The French Connection II
The Man Who Would Be King
Rooster Cogburn
Shining Star

Grammy Awards in 1975:
The 17th Grammy Awards were held in 1975, and were broadcast live on American television. They recognized accomplishments by musicians from the year 1974.

Record of the Year John Farrar (producer) & Olivia Newton-John for "I Honestly Love You" Album of the Year Stevie Wonder (producer & artist) for Fulfillingness' First Finale
Song of the Year Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Marvin Hamlisch (songwriters) for "The Way We Were" performed by Barbra Streisand
Best New Artist Marvin Hamlisch
Best Classical Performance - Orchestra Georg Solti (conductor) & the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique
Composing and arranging
Best Instrumental Composition Mike Oldfield (composer) for "Tubular Bells - Theme From The Exorcist"
Album of Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or a Television Special Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Marvin Hamlisch (composers) for The Way We Were performed by Barbra Streisand
Best Instrumental Arrangement Pat Williams (arranger) for Threshold Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists Joni Mitchell & Tom Scott (arrangers) for "Down to You" performed by Joni Mitchell
Best Country Vocal Performance, Female Anne Murray for Love Song
Best Country Vocal Performance, Male Ronnie Milsap for "Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends"
Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group The Pointer Sisters for "Fairytale"
Best Country Instrumental Performance Chet Atkins & Merle Travis for The Atkins-Travis Traveling Show
Best Country Song Billy Sherrill & Norris Wilson (songwriters) for "A Very Special Love Song" performed by Charlie Rich
Best Ethnic or Traditional Recording Doc Watson & Merle Watson for Two Days in November
Best Gospel Performance The Oak Ridge Boys for "The Baptism of Jesse Taylor"
Best Soul Gospel Performance James Cleveland for In the Ghetto performed by James Cleveland & the Southern California Community Choir
Best Inspirational Performance (non-classical) Elvis Presley for "How Great Thou Art"
Best Jazz Performance by a Soloist Charlie Parker for First Recordings!
Best Jazz Performance by a Group Joe Pass, Niels Pedersen & Oscar Peterson for The Trio
Best Jazz Performance by a Big Band Woody Herman for Thundering Herd
Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female Olivia Newton-John for "I Honestly Love You"
Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male Stevie Wonder for Fulfillingness' First Finale
Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus Paul McCartney & Wings for "Band on the Run"
Best Pop Instrumental Performance Marvin Hamlisch for "The Entertainer"
Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female Aretha Franklin for "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male Stevie Wonder for "Boogie on Reggae Woman"
Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus Rufus for "Tell Me Something Good" Best R&B Instrumental Performance MFSB for "The Sound of Philadelphia"
Best Rhythm & Blues Song Stevie Wonder (songwriter) for "Living for the City"

Academy Awards (Oscar) 1975:
The forty-eighth Academy Awards ceremony was held on Monday, March 29, 1976 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Los Angeles Music Center. When Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) won for best actress, she added sign language to her acceptance speech. To her deaf parents she said, "I want to say thank you . . . for teaching me to have a dream."
The hosts for the evening were Goldie Hawn, Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Gene Kelly, and George Segal.

Picture One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Actor Jack Nicholson (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Actress Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Supporting Actor George Burns (The Sunshine Boys)
Supporting Actress Lee Grant (Shampoo)
Director Milos Forman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Adapted Screenplay Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) Original Screenplay Frank Pierson (Dog Day Afternoon)
Song "I'm Easy" (Nashville)
Score Jaws (Original) Barry Lyndon (Adaptation)
Cinematography Barry Lyndon
Costume Design Barry Lyndon
Art / Set Decoration Barry Lyndon
Film Editing Jaws
Foreign Language Film Dersu Uzala (U.S.S.R.)
Sound Jaws
Short Films Great (Animated) Angel and Big Joe (Live Action)
Documentaries The End of the Game (Short) The Man Who Skied Down Everest (Feature)

Well, so much for trivia.


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